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These sounds can be tricky for little ones. In this post I wanted to share some methods and excercises that can help kids with these sounds. The tongue depressor method is my favorite, and generally very successful.

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Some children however are unable to produce the sound when the tongue depressor comes out of their mouths. Keep working on it.

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Sometimes however, this may indicate oral-motor weakness. Tongue retraction is the ability to elevate the back of your tongue. Difficulties retracting the tongue can be observed when breeze corp victoria house 306 страховой брокер client drinks from a straw. If a child drinks thin liquids from a regular straw appropriately you can try strengthening the muscles even more using thick liquids like yogurt and pudding.

This is referred to as a thickened liquids program. Be sure to consult an SLP if you are interested in trying the thickened liquids program.

How to Teach the K Sound & G Sounds - KidStart | Footprints to Education

Children with speech delays often have difficulty self monitoring their own speech. Caroline Bowen created a routine to teach children how to practice self monitoring their speech in a positive way.

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For example she says: Did you hear that fixed-up-one? I said tar then I fixed it up and said car.

How to Teach the K Sound & G Sounds

A good way to do this is to sit down with your children and read books that have lots of these sounds in them. Great books to use are letter books that target the sound you are working on.

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Other Methods Commonly Used: Lay on your back on the floor This method is used because when you lay on your back on the floor your tongue typically falls into the back of your mouth.

Gargle water Gargling water is another technique suggested.

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It can be successful if the client has the motor skills to gargle water. They need to practice it at the word level first. I like the child to have success with a list of at least 20 words.

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Then they need to master putting words into sentences! Then we practice the sounds in conversation. These are just a few ideas and hopefully they will help any of you that might have kids in need of mastering these sounds!

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