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Meet Ruby — the gem of Coney Island!

Monday to Thursday: See you on the Coney Island boardwalk! Ten-year-old Ruby Jacobs ran as fast as his feet would carry him along the surf at Coney Island Beach.

Running after him was a local cop who had busted Ruby for illegally selling 5-cent ice cream fudgie-wudgies. With a big smile on his face, Ruby ran and ran as the Coney Island breeze pounded against his face.

Ruby at the bar, circa Eventually Ruby got tired, so he ran forex контора кинула московских пенсионеров the ocean.

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After all, everyone on the beach knew Ruby. He had grown up in the area, and everyone loved him. So when forex контора кинула московских пенсионеров saw him in trouble, they crowded around the cop, giving the ice cream felon ample time to escape.

He was mad like a son of a bitch. The kindly, generous old man still made time to go down to the beach every morning and feed the pigeons and sea gulls, winter, spring, summer and fall — right up until his death in Ruby had retired a successful businessman; he had owned a camera shop in New York City and had run several bathhouses in Coney Island.

Meet Ruby — the gem of Coney Island! « Ruby's Bar & Grill

And in that interview, he showed that his favorite pastime was still to talk about the good old days on the beach he called home. Once you get the sand between your toes, you can never get it out. During his time at the beach, he got to know future stars, such as Eddie Cantor and Jimmy Durante. He fondly remembered the way he had met Archibald Leach.

In those days, there were no problems whatsoever. Original boardwalk wood from the s was used to make the tables, the bar, the walls and the ceiling!

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He then decided to go to the Norfolk Navy Yard. One night while in transit from Baltimore to Norfolk, a black woman got on the bus.

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Always the gentleman, Ruby offered her his seat. The bus came to a dead stop. At that point, I said the hell with this. Stationed in Oahu, Hawaii, Ruby, who had the best eyesight in his division, often led his men into battle.

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He was the high-speed radio operator in a seven-man commando team. When President Harry S. Of the 1, or so soldiers who had started the hike, about only 15 finished, and although Ruby had been carrying four rifles and a pound forex контора кинула московских пенсионеров, he finished first.

When he got into camp, his colonel asked him how he had done so well. Four years later, they had forex контора кинула московских пенсионеров first child, Cindy, and several years after that another child, Forex контора кинула московских пенсионеров. Two decades later, he bought the restaurant on the boardwalk that still bears his name. Everyone is accepted.

I was interviewed once, and the guy asked me what the best food at my forex контора кинула московских пенсионеров was. I told him to turn around, face the ocean, take a deep breath.