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Alternatively, you can move the panel by clicking on the grey bar and dragging it to a location on the chart of your choice.

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How do I trade from an Advanced Chart? What is the Watchlist?

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Within the Desktop Platform, you can use a Watchlist within your Advanced Charting график вабт на форекс to monitor the rates and quickly switch between multiple instruments. How do I view a chart with candles that have custom intervals?

Beside the Intervals dropdown there are 3 vertical dots you can click on to change the interval of your chart. Simply type in any multiple of your base intervals to view a custom interval. For example: Can I view Bid or Ask Charts?

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All of the Chart Types within your Advanced Charts use midpoint. How do I view multiple charts in the same window?

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Click on the grey box in the top right corner of the chart to configure various displays. With this dropdown you can load as many of 8 charts in the same window and then configure them however you would like.

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What are some of the additional Chart Settings along the left sidebar? Rather than deselect a drawing tool once one is done drawing, when this is selected the option will remain present and clients can draw another one without needing to click the button again e. This allows clients to toggle them off to get a better look at a price move without having график вабт на форекс delete and re-add them all again. For more information refer to our regulatory and financial compliance section.

график вабт на форекс