Oleg Kireyev’s new project SKY MUSIC — is a tandem of two remarkable musicians and composers — Oleg Kireyev and Dmitry Ilugdin (keyboard). The genre of new collective is wide enough: from fusion music, jazz — rock to ethnic and new age. In the program, except author’s musical compositions, also there will be well known world hits in wonderful arrangements. Music of a positive and good mood.

Both musicians are not afraid to experiment, their creative life and wide experience are various and distinct. Oleg Kireyev is a musician of world level, he goes on a tours round the world like any other respected jazz star. He plays on absolutely different stages, in absolutely different countries, performs original music in absolutely different styles (from a classical jazz to world music) without allowing art to turn to commerce.
Dmitry Ilugdin — the pianist, the author of some jazz compositions, and also a composer for teleprograms and television movies, the expert in synthesizers and computer multimedia technologies, the long-playing participant of legendary collective of Alexey Kozlov «Arsenal». Dmitry as the soloist acted on such concert stages, as the Concert hall of Tchaikovsky, the House of composers, Moscow House of Music.