By Keith J. May 26, pm Updated May 26, pm. Financially struggling Maxim is once again turning to a controversial cover-model contest to help it through the uncertain economic times, Media Ink has learned. Maxim unveiled its latest such contest Monday — months earlier than normal — suggesting that the lad mag may start leaning more heavily on the contest, which lets readers vote on the cover girl of their choice in exchange for a small fee. It says the winner will be photographed by Gilles Bensimon, famous as a creative force behind Elle in years past. The current contest also offers no deadlines for entry. Models have said they believed most, if not all, of the money raised was going to help disabled veterans, but the fine print shows only 25 percent went to the charity, with Maxim keeping the other 75 percent.

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The Parship principle is a scientifically-based method that follows the maxim: “as many similarities as possible, as many differences as.

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Maxim turns to controversial cover model contest during financial struggles

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The early prelims get started at 6 p.

In November , Maxim Magazine, an international male-centric The text gives advice to men about how to date or bed a “feminist,” giving tips on how to.

Like a delicious-but-messy piece of candy , the set-up date has many layers. Beneath the initial hard candy shell of anxiety is a secondary, gooey layer of responsibility. Beneath that layer is a softer, smoother, coating of acceptance, followed by a firm nougat core of pleasure. As a participant in the set-up, you play the role of a sexy ambassador to a foreign land. Coupled with the task of getting to know your date, you must carry the responsibility of keeping your friendship in tact as well as the friendship between them and your date.

But before you set foot into this fraught territory, keep the following tips in mind:. Chisel that ice with the an icebreaker you definitely have in common. You both know that friend who set you two up? Boom: instant ice-breaker. Start the conversation with that and move on from there. How did your date meet your friend? Does she like your friend?

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As nears its end and we prepare to welcome in just a few days, online dating site Zoosk took a good look at the past year and analyzed data from over 40 million users, and uncovered exactly what the online dating world was like this year, and how much it’s changed compared to previous years. And so, per Zoosk’s massive and highly detailed analysis, here are the 10 biggest dating trends of Looks like it pays off to be an actually nice guy. Apparently, people who use filters on dating apps send out more messages, but get 11 percent fewer responses.

That said, maybe you should turn off the filters, lower your standards, and accept whatever comes your way. Compared to , people were 9 percent more likely to message, like, or have a conversation with someone 10 years older or younger than them.

Elisha Cuthbert | Maxim. More information. Maxim. Find this Pin and more on Elisha Cuthbert by vicky volts. Tags. Best Dating Sites · Dating Tips.

A press photographer not a wedding photographer, an artist or the bloke down the road who’s just got a new camera will know exactly how to capture an image that is just right for the media. Generally, providing a good picture in the right format will mean a story is more likely to get used. Even news programmes on TV are open to submitted still shots these days.

Making a small investment in a professional can make the world of difference. Since the invention of the digital camera and then the smart phone, more and more people are taking their own shots. Unfortunately, owning a good camera does not make you a photographer. Always check for plants, people and anything else that should not be in the background of your shot. A UK first, a sex trap and big stink — a recipe for strong editorial coverage. August, more.

Dating Tips for Shy Guys with Maxim’s Hottie Caitlin O’connor

When it comes to dating advice, veer away from tips that reek of entitlement. That seems simple and self-evident enough, yet time and again we see men’s magazines publishing advice columns that emphasize the importance of dogged persistence in dating. Men’s Health – menshealth. Maxim – maxim. Author’s commentary: The way this OkCupid survey is depicted is misleading.

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Relationships — whether sexual or romantic in nature — can be a complex territory to explore. What are you supposed to do on a first date? The successful outcome of dating eventually leads to a romantic relationship with a potential lifelong partner. Nevertheless, dating works differently for everyone, so take it at your own pace regardless of what societal norms dictate. Rejecting someone right away is better than stringing them along; doing the latter would just be a waste of time for everyone involved.

You can let someone down and still be nice about it — how they handle the rejection, however, will be completely up to them.

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Ross School of Business, University of Michigan. His research focuses on the origins and evolutionary dynamics of the dual social structure of markets that encompasses both collaborative and conflictual interorganizational relationships. He also investigates how network positions of firms and their organizational structures determine their behavior and performance; and the role of varying global network topologies in shaping performance consequences for entire communities of firms.

In his recent work, he studies how companies influence their legal environments by leveraging social relationships between lawyers and judicial arbiters and how networked systems withstand shocks and recover from them. His work has also been covered by AsiaOne.

Nice guys actually finish first.

Education on its own doesn’t make people take their treatment as intended. However, when it follows shared decision making, in which patient and doctor together agree on the best course of therapeutic action, education helps patients take their treatment. It is a source of frustration to many clinicians: you know what the patient’s problem is, you know that effective and safe treatment is available, you’ve explained the disease and its causative mechanisms, the treatment and its principles, and the importance of taking the controller medication daily, you’ve prescribed this highly effective therapy and you’ve approached the patient with respect and patience, yet somehow the patient does not take the medication.

When this patient has another exacerbation, you know it could have been prevented by following your advice and taking the medication. When we, as clinicians, are faced with such a nonadherence scenario, our default mode is to repeat the message that we delivered when we first saw the patient and provided self-management education: we stress, once again, that it is really important that the patient takes their daily controller medication.

Apparently, many healthcare professionals believe that such repeated education makes people take their medication. In this editorial, we argue that this is a myth. There is extensive high-quality evidence that education, on its own, does not promote adherence to daily controller medication in patients with a chronic disease [ 1 , 2 ]. There is also evidence to support an effective alternative approach: healthcare professionals can do a lot to promote adherence in their patients through shared decision making [ 1 , 3 , 4 ].

The key to promoting adherence through education is not in what message we convey, not in the content of information we provide, but in how we provide it. In this sense, the statement in the title is also a maxim: education can certainly promote adherence, if performed effectively. Therefore, we also review the evidence on the principles of effective patient education which healthcare professionals can use to promote adherence.

In this review, most of the evidence and recommendations that we provide on adherence and adherence-promoting communication strategies comes from paediatric studies and our experience in paediatric care. In this setting, parents are primarily responsible for making the decisions on the treatment of their child’s medical condition, and most communication about the patient’s adherence to daily controller therapy is conducted between adults, i.

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